Desktop URL Shrinker

Desktop URL Shrinker 1.2

Quick and easy-to-use program to shrink your long URLs

Do you like sending ugly long URLs to your friends or post them on your blog, forums or in eBooks? Would you like to hide affiliate links from others so that they do not get information about your Affiliate Ids and other important details? Are you facing problems of broken URLs in the mails you send? Here is the tool which is specifically designed to shrink long URLs and to generate shortened neat ones.

Desktop URL Shrinker is an easy-to-use program which shrinks your long URLs and generates a smaller URL which can be sent in emails or can be posted on forums, blogs and eBooks. With Desktop URL Shrinker you can generate a new shortened URL in just a few seconds. Desktop URL Shrinker is a great program that doesn’t limit the use of shortened URLs, which means that your generated shortened URLs will work forever. Desktop URL Shrinker helps you in hiding your affiliate links, promotion links, and other important URL information from the visitors. Desktop URL Shrinker is a simple tool with a neat and clean interface. It provides you with an built-in video help to learn more about the use of the program. Interestingly, this fast and easy-to-use tool is absolutely free to download and install.

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  • Compatible with most Windows OS
  • Easy to use
  • Generates shortened URLs in just a few seconds
  • Neat and clean Interface
  • Includes a built-in video help


  • Cannot generate multiple URLs at the same time
  • Does not provide support for OS other than Windows
  • Does not maintain a history of the URLs shortened
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